When we get the answer, will we all be so happy?

RTE has revealed that one of the first things the Government is likely to announce in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic is the creation of a new county school, which will replace Hillsborough County School in Somerset.

The announcement follows the announcement of the appointment of new headteachers, as well as a number of other announcements including the creation or closure of schools in South Gloucestershire and the creation and closure of two schools in Devon.

Read more”It’s something that’s going to take some time to put into place and is something that we need to get the support for,” Education Secretary Nicky Morgan said.

“But we will start to roll it out very soon and I think it will be something that people are going to be very happy about.”‘

Schools will be a little more safe’Ms Morgan said there would be no disruption to school days, but it would be a more difficult process to find suitable schools for the new school.

“There are some schools that will be left vacant, some schools will be set up and others will be closed, and it’s really hard to tell what will happen, but the reality is that the schools that we’ve had open for school, they’ve been very, very good, and there will be lots of places that will need to be reopened,” she said.

Read MoreA new county seat will be created in Devon and Somerset.

Ms Morgan added: “There are a number areas in England where there are schools that are currently underfunded and we want to make sure that there’s more schools open in those areas.”

The schools that have been closed will be made available for the first time and there are other places in England that are underfunded, but there are a lot of places where schools are in a very good position.

“She said the Government would work with local authorities to create and maintain a new school, but would also look to develop more local partnerships.

She said: “We will work with the local authorities, we will work closely with them and the schools will also be a bit more secure, there will also have to be a very robust system in place for ensuring that all of the schools are running smoothly and that we have a very stable environment for all of our children.”

Ms Morgan also said she wanted to be clear about the impact of the pandemic on schools and young people, who were being left behind.”

I don’t want to give a message that the Government isn’t doing what it can to get people to school and that’s why I’m so keen that schools will start being open in a few weeks’ time,” she added.”

We will be making the schools open as quickly as we can.

“Read MoreThe school in Somerset has been closed for three years.

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