Which state is the worst for military schools?

Military schools are the top-ranked public school in the United States.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, military schools are ranked #1 by the U of A, #2 by the University of Alabama, #3 by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, and #5 by the American Association of University Women. 

The military also has one of the highest graduation rates in the nation. 

At the University. 

 However, military school enrollment in the U,A., is currently down. 

Military school enrollment fell by nearly 12 percent in 2018, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. 

A report from the Center for College Affordability and Productivity found that while military schools’ graduation rate increased slightly, the dropout rate declined over 20 percent. 

According to the Center’s analysis, military graduation rates have remained stagnant over the last several years. 

“The military’s high graduation rate is a reflection of the fact that many military personnel have taken time off to take advantage of benefits,” said the report’s authors, Jennifer Williams, who is with the Center on Education and the Workforce at the University at Albany and Mark Shafer, who teaches at the George Washington University.

“But military service is also a highly stressful job, requiring long-term commitments that can be very taxing on the military.” 

A study published in the May/June 2018 issue of the journal JAMA Internal Medicine found that military service-related injury rates were highest in states that had a higher percentage of women in their workforce. 

This report, the study’s authors write, suggests that the number of military school graduates is being under-represented and that there is an under-representation of women among the ranks of active duty military. 

And while women have made substantial progress in military service over the past several decades, the current generation of women are still much less likely to graduate from the military than men. 

Women made up 22 percent of the military population in 2016, according the Department of Defense, down from 24 percent in 1972. 

However the military’s gender gap remains large.

According the Center, in 2020, only 10.4 percent of male students at military schools were women. 

While the percentage of females serving in the military has decreased over the years, the percentage has remained steady. 

As of July 2018, the military had an enrollment of 4,912,721 students enrolled in the program, according data from the Department for Education. 

Overall, there were 4,890,000 people enrolled in military school programs, according to the U and A. Currently, there are nearly 1.3 million military graduates, and the Department reports that the total number of active-duty military personnel is at nearly 7,400,000. 

Despite the recent decline in military enrollment, there is still a need for the military to recruit and retain more women.

The Department of Veterans Affairs reports that while the number and number of women serving in military is increasing, the number receiving disability compensation is still far below the rate for men.

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