What to expect from the new year for Hamilton schools

More than a dozen new school closures across the state were announced Thursday, as school boards across the city prepare to close in the coming weeks.

In Hamilton, the board of trustees announced a $2.8 million budget shortfall to fix some of the damage caused by the recent snowstorm.

In the Hamilton Public School District, the trustees announced the closing of one elementary school and a new elementary school to improve the district’s financial position.

The district also said it will spend $8.2 million to repair storm damage at the city’s Hamilton County schools.

The city’s Public Works Department will begin a $7 million reconstruction effort, and the city will start a new storm-related assessment program.

In a statement Thursday, Mayor George Smith said the city is “actively engaged” with local school boards and the public to prepare for school closures.

Smith added that Hamilton Schools Superintendent Scott Wollard has been in contact with schools to “help make sure the students have a safe, fun, and welcoming environment for the new school year.”

Hamilton schools will reopen for the first time since the storm on Jan. 28, 2018.

Read more:  Hamilton schools reopen with a new coat of paint  A new coat to be installed in Hamilton schoolsThe Hamilton Public Schools board of directors will release a budget and financial projections for the coming school year Thursday, the Hamilton School District said.

The school district is planning to close four schools this week.

On Monday, the district closed all schools for the day.

The closure of all Hamilton schools was announced by board members in a letter Thursday afternoon.

The board said it plans to close all of the city-owned schools and three schools owned by the city of Hamilton, including those that are used by Hamilton’s new superintendent, Dr. Jason Sartin.

Hamilton schools have been in a state of emergency since the beginning of the year.

In a statement, Hamilton Public Works said the district will spend about $2 million on repairs to the buildings.

The building in which the schools are located will be torn down and replaced with a “new and more appropriate school building” in the area, the statement said.

“We have spent the past two weeks trying to figure out a way to do what we can do to make sure our schools reopen in a way that is safe and healthy for our students and staff,” the statement continued.

Hamilton Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Scott Wohlt said the school district will begin work on the new new school building.

The new school will be a “transparent, well-designed, safe building,” he said.

Wohls board will also spend about a $1 million to fix the storm damage to the districts buildings.

Wollard, the school board president, also announced the closure of one of the district s new elementary schools to improve financial condition.

It was announced Thursday that the district would close all elementary schools in Hamilton for the month of December, including the two elementary schools operated by Hamilton Public Health.

The district also announced a plan to replace the two schools owned and operated by the Hamilton County Public Health Department.

The school district said it has also decided to close the district headquarters building in order to improve health and safety.

 In the letter, Wollad said the new buildings will be constructed in an environmentally sustainable way and will not have any air conditioning or heating.

Wollad also said he will make sure that the school buildings are clean and will have a proper and safe environment for students, staff, and community members.

Smith said in a statement that the city “will continue to provide a safe and welcoming learning environment for our children and the Hamilton community, while working with local schools and community boards to ensure the schools and districts finances remain healthy.”

The city has a $6 million funding plan in place for schools to address the storm and to continue to maintain a safe learning environment.

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