Which school memes are worth spreading?

A new meme has been discovered in the wake of the US election and the Brexit vote.

In the image above, an orange man with a ponytail and a red bow tie is seen being pulled from a truck in a car park.

A similar man wearing a similar shirt is seen running down the street, accompanied by a large white horse.

A man with an “Aussie accent” is seen in a nearby shop, wearing a T-shirt that reads “Hangin’ with the locals”.

The meme has since gone viral.

The school’s principal told The Lad that it was a satirical, “dumb” post, and he would not be commenting on it further.

The post has been shared more than 300,000 times.

School kids can learn about the election from the following memes: Aussie accent: “If you were born here, you’re Australian”

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