Which schools are closing next?

Lakewood High School and the Ohio School of Law closed Monday due to rising costs and staff cuts, according to a press release issued by Lakewood officials.

The Lakewood School District is closing the school in response to rising tuition costs.

Lakewood’s new president and superintendent of its law school, Dr. Jeffrey Fusco, has promised to make Lakewood a more affordable school for students.

Lakeland High School will reopen Tuesday.

Lakewood School Board member Chris Prewitt said that the school will open Tuesday and the school community will be able to get out and about, he said.

The school district said the closure will affect about 4,000 students, which is a lot of students.

Prewit said that Lakewood has had to do significant renovations and is in need of additional resources to address its budget.

Lakeland High will remain open for classes on Monday and Tuesday.

The Lakewood school district, a charter school, is in a difficult situation, Prewitsaid.

The school district will be unable to continue with its operations in the coming months.

Lake Hills Unified School District, which serves the community in north Lakewood, will continue to operate on Tuesday.

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