What’s next for a carmel grad? Here’s what you need to know

When you’re graduating high school and deciding on a major, there are many questions that come to mind.

But for one carmel graduate, those are questions he has never faced.

Carmel High School in Florida is known for its music and music education programs.

In 2010, the school became the first high school in the country to host a music program.

The school offers an array of music programs, but one of its biggest attractions is a carillon that, with help from a team of volunteers, plays the music of the Carmel music school.

Carillon student Kaleisha Allen-Tipton said she wanted to learn about carillon making.

“We wanted to understand how the art works, and what you can learn from it,” she said.

The carillon is a small, one-foot-long instrument that plays carillon tunes.

It plays the tune that will be played next.

A teacher walks up to the instrument, and the students work together to play the tune.

Kaleisha said it’s a learning experience for her.

“It’s so fun to play and it’s so much fun to see the music evolve,” she explained.

For many carmel students, learning how to play a carello was a great introduction to the art, said Carmel student Taylor Tipton.

She says she’s been fascinated by carillon since she was a little girl.

“My favorite thing is just how the music changes and changes and you have to listen to it a lot, and it gives you a really good appreciation of it,” Taylor said.

Kameena Tiptons music career began at Carmel, and she has continued to make carolos for her high school band.

She said it has become a part of her life, and now, she plans to pursue her passion.

“Carillon is my favorite instrument.

It’s very much a part in my life.

I’m not going anywhere, I’m going to keep making music, and hopefully it will continue to change,” she concluded.

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