Spokane public schools have changed their uniforms for Easter, and some students say it’s a violation of the dress code

Spokane Public Schools (SPPS) changed their uniform for Easter.

Some students say they were confused about what it means, and say they’re confused about whether they have to wear the same uniform in all the school buildings, including public schools.

In Spokane Public School District 88, the new uniforms are gray, black, and red, with a gray cap and white sleeves.

In all of the school districts, they’re grey, black and red.

Superintendent Tom Wojcicki said the uniform changes were made after the public feedback on the school uniform.

The school district has had about 500 complaints about the uniforms and is now looking into how it could make them better.

Some teachers and students said they don’t want to be in the same school uniform with students who aren’t the same race, gender, age or religion.

“I think it’s kind of insulting,” said one student, who didn’t want his name used.

“It’s just so weird, to have to have a uniform that is the same color and to have the same symbol that is supposed to be a symbol for the school district, that is for the whole community.”

Superintendent Wojco said that students who are transgender, and people who have certain gender identities, will be able to wear their uniforms in schools that don’t have those symbols.

Wojccicki was at a news conference today to announce the new uniform.

Spokane Public High School principal Scott Laughlin said the new rules will help students feel more comfortable in the school.

He said there’s no change to the dress codes that already exist.

The new uniform is the latest step in the transition to the new school year, said Wojkovic.

The district will hold its first official orientation in March.

For more information, visit: https://spokane.gov/principal/events/school-in-auguration/principles-of-school-integration-orientation.html#ixzz2Yb3fJfE.

For a look at the new logo, visit https://www.spokanepr.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/SpokaneSchoolInauguralAd.jpg

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