What you need to know about chiropractors

CHICAGO (Reuters) – A chiropractor in Illinois is in trouble after a video surfaced online of him using a device to open a woman’s stomach in a “nauseating” manner, a chiropractor and a woman who took the video said on Tuesday.

The video posted by the website Chiropractic News shows a man with a white coat and a mask in the driveway of a home in the affluent western suburbs of Chicago.

The man, identified as Richard “Rick” Ochsner, said the woman had recently been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and needed a bowel movement.

In the video, he uses a small, flexible device to close the woman’s abdomen with a circular motion, the Chicago Tribune reported.

He then uses his left hand to pull the device in.

In an interview with the Tribune, Ochsener said he was in the process of removing the device, which he said was made of plastic and made of metal.

He said he felt the device “tongue-tied” and “incompetent” because of his medical background.

“I don’t believe in this type of thing, that they can be able to open your stomach,” he told the newspaper.

“It’s very painful, it’s very distressing,” he added.

“And it’s not even supposed to be done in this day and age.”

In the clip, Oechsner also described what he said is an incident in which a woman came to the doctor complaining of stomach pain.

Ochsninger said the doctor said he had to remove the device to check it was not infected, the Tribune reported, citing a woman named Brittany.

Oechsners video and the woman said they were in a private home when Oechson came to perform a pelvic exam, according to the Tribune.

The woman told the paper she was in pain and told Ochschner to “shut up,” adding that she was not expecting him to be able do this to her.

“There’s no reason for this to happen,” she said in the video.

“My doctor told me to close my eyes and relax,” Oechsen told the Tribune on Tuesday, adding that the doctor told him to open his eyes.

“This is not about you,” OchSner said in a second video posted on the website.

“This is about your safety and your wellbeing.”

OchSners lawyer, David Kosten, told Reuters the video did not show Ochson performing the exam.

“He did not perform the exam on her,” Kostens lawyer, Steven Kostensen, told the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper.

“It was done by an assistant.”

The Tribune reported that Ochsanders wife and mother said she had been “horrified” and that she did not want to speak to police.

“She was horrified, she was really scared, and she did everything in her power to protect her husband,” Kossner told the Sun-Tribune.

“When you’re dealing with something like this, especially a medical issue, you have to do everything you can to protect yourself,” he said.

“There’s a difference between helping someone who needs it and somebody who wants to harm somebody.”

The Illinois State Board of Chiropractor Certification, which oversees the medical boards, said it was investigating the incident.

“While the Board has not received a complaint from Brittany, we are currently reviewing the video and have reached out to the media regarding this matter,” the board said in an emailed statement.

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