When a school district bans kids from a desert school

By Emily HalseyPublished January 16, 2019 07:55:04High school students have to learn how to survive in a desert environment.

But some high schools are banning their kids from going to a desert elementary school, a district spokesperson said.

In a statement, the Desert Education and Recreation District of San Bernardino County says that because of its extreme environment and the fact that some students have been exposed to extreme environmental conditions, the school district “is restricting the enrollment of the approximately 10 high school students enrolled in the Desert Education and Recruitment Academy.”

In a separate statement, Desert Schools Superintendent James Halseman said the district is not restricting the students’ enrollment to any school.

The district says the students are “students who have been selected to work in the program and the program has proven its efficacy in the classroom and in the field.”

But a spokesperson for the district said the school is restricting enrollment based on safety concerns, as well as a lack of space.

He said the students would still have access to a full-size school room, but it would not be able to accommodate as many students as normal.

Students at the Desert Academy are taught in the fields and on the water.

They work with an instructor in the desert to develop skills that will prepare them to enter the workforce and provide them with skills to improve their job prospects.

They are also trained to survive on their own.

Students are also taught how to live sustainably, and they learn to plan for disasters, such as hurricanes and wildfires.

The Desert Education & Recruitments Academy is located in the town of La Vernia.

The Desert Education Academy has been operating since the late 1970s, according to its website.

It was created by the Desert Educational Recreation Board, which oversees the academy, according the website.

“Desert Education &Recruitment Academies mission is to provide high quality educational and vocational opportunities for our students and to prepare them for life in the industry,” the website says.

“Desert Educational Recreation Boards mission is not only to provide the best education and training in the world but also to help them to be successful in the future.”

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