How to tweet about Dearborn Public Schools, King Schools and the Battle for the Heart of the City

With the city’s largest citywide school district struggling to find a permanent home, a community group is taking on the city.

The nonprofit Dearborn City Schools is trying to find the home of a charter school and an arts school that were all slated to open this fall.

The group, the Dearborn School Partnership, has been on the front lines in a fight that has raged for months.

The Partnership is one of the oldest non-profit organizations in the country.

It started in 1989 and is the parent organization of the Dearborne Public Schools District.

In September, the Partnership won a key concession that would allow the school district to reopen the schools as soon as possible.

This means the district will open as soon at least this fall, but not until at least May 2020.

The partnership, a nonprofit, has fought for more than two decades to save the schools.

The Partnership is fighting for the right to reopen in Dearborn.

We’re fighting for our own future and the future of our children, the coalition said in a statement on Tuesday.

The coalition said it is also fighting for a safe space for students.

The school district’s new school policy was a key factor in its decision, it said.

A number of the schools that the Partnership was trying to save were shuttered for years, and the coalition believes it has a legal case to reopen them.

It is trying a number of legal and legislative measures, including legislation that would prevent the district from closing schools until it has an alternative.

It also wants the school board to create a new charter school.

The district is fighting this, but the Partnership is also working to get the schools back open as quickly as possible, said Josh Davis, the partnership’s president.

The city is also hoping the new charter can create a better community, and Davis said the new school has the opportunity to do that.

It has been nearly two years since the coalition lost the charter school fight.

The coalition was not able to keep up with its legal filings, which were delayed due to the litigation.

Davis said he hopes the coalition can finally get its charter back.

“We are working on getting it reopened,” he said.

The new charter is currently in its early stages, but it will open in June 2020.

We hope it will be in place in time to welcome students to our city,” Davis said.

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