How to Dress Up as a Teenage Girl in Desoto County Schools

The school district in southwestern Arkansas decided to use a costume contest to teach its kids how to dress as a teenage girl.

Desoto County School District Superintendent Mike Luebke told WYFF that the school district is proud of its young students.

“The costume contest is a great way to engage our students with our mission of providing quality education to our students,” Luebcke said.

“It’s also a way for us to engage them in our community.”

The school district has been accepting submissions since April and said it will begin accepting costumes starting Wednesday.

The theme of the contest is “Girls Who Love To Dress Up,” and the school’s students will wear a variety of costumes.

Some will wear dresses and skirts while others will wear costumes that resemble adult-style clothing.

The school says it will also teach children the basics of the adult world.

Luebkes team will dress up in their costume for the school dress-up competition and they will compete in a game called “Wizards of Desoto.”

The game will be held at the school on Friday.

The school will also be wearing a costume party on Sunday and Monday.

The costume contest will begin with a dance and then a performance of a song called “Desoto Girls.”

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