New Westlake High School costume: High school girl dress

High school girls costumes are everywhere these days, from Halloween to Christmas and beyond.

But this year’s costume at Westlake HS was a little different, featuring a high school girl who is a fan of superheroes.

Westlake High student Emily Saffran and her friend, Jenna Zuber, decided to do a Halloween costume, and the result was a high-school girl who loves superheroes and loves being able to wear costumes that look like she has a high IQ.

Emily’s costume consisted of a costume and a pair of red leggings that are black with white stripes.

Jenna’s costume is a more modern take on the costume.

The leggs have yellow accents.

When it comes to high school girls, Westlake is known for its superhero costumes, which are popular on social media and at Halloween parties.

Emily’s costume was a fun way to honor her school’s superhero characters, Jenna said.

Westlakes high school was recently ranked #1 in the country in terms of students with disabilities, according to a report by the National Association of Student and Child Care Facilities.

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