How the Confederate flag came to be in Georgia

The Confederate flag flies over the Confederate monument at the Lee County Courthouse in Atlanta, Georgia, on Tuesday, August 2, 2019.

More than 60 years ago, Georgia became the site of the first civil rights march, and many people saw the flag as emblematic of the fight for civil rights.

But the Southern flag has a darker history.

The Confederate battle flag was flown over Lee County Court House, where Lee served as a judge from 1876 to 1895.

It is now part of the Cobb County Courthouses, but it has never been flown in front of a courthouse.

What was the history behind the Confederate battle flags?

The Confederate Battle Flag was created in 1861 by Robert E. Lee, a South Carolina slaveholder.

It was a symbol of the Confederacy’s struggle to maintain its control of southern states.

In 1865, the Confederacy began flying the battle flag over state and federal buildings.

In order to retain control over Southern states, the United States Congress passed a resolution that included a prohibition on the Confederate Battle flag being flown at the United State Capitol.

This law effectively ended the Confederacy, but the flag still flew in Lee County.

How did the Confederate flags get into Georgia?

The battle flag’s roots in the South goes back to the 1780s, when African Americans began to protest against slavery.

Many of the African Americans who were fighting against slavery in the American South wore the battle flags, which were made of cotton, and also used a black cloth as the flag.

The battle flags were a response to the American Revolution.

In 1775, a slave rebellion led by African Americans in Virginia led to the establishment of a slave state.

In response, a group of Northern Virginia citizens marched to the Capitol, and they brought the battle ensigns with them.

In 1808, a white man named Henry Ford came to Georgia, and he began to fly Confederate battle symbols in his shops.

In Atlanta, in the early 1900s, there was a push for a Confederate flag to be flown in the city’s city center, and that’s when the battle symbol became part of Atlanta’s skyline.

In 2001, the Confederate Flag was removed from the Georgia State Capitol grounds.

Why is it still flying in Georgia?

In 2014, Georgia passed a law that banned the Confederate Flags from being flown on public property, and the city also voted to rename its city hall in honor of the Battle of Gettysburg.

The city is also taking down a Confederate memorial and memorial to Lee.

What about other flags?

Georgia’s other flag is the American Battle Flag.

It’s a blue flag with the words “the flag of the United states of America” in white letters and a red field.

What does the American flag mean to Georgia?

For many, the American Flag is a symbol that symbolizes freedom and democracy.

It symbolizes the ideals that Americans hold dear and that Georgia’s citizens hold dear.

The American flag has also been used to symbolize American values, including freedom of speech, freedom of religion, equality, and freedom of association.

In recent years, many people have worn the American flags at events and on their social media profiles.

In the past, the battle stars have also been worn at events, including a recent Georgia flag pole at the Georgia Capitol that also featured a Confederate battle banner.

The Battle Flag is also a symbol for the Confederacy.

It represents a group who fought to keep the South united, which includes slaves, freed slaves, and American Indians.

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