Dental School Students Will Be Able to Use Google Maps, But Not Google Books

A California school district is launching a Google Maps app that will let students at its Dental and Dental Hygiene School of Health Sciences use Google Books to learn about the school’s locations, curriculum, and other information.

Google Maps will be accessible to all students at the school.

Duluth, Minnesota-based Duluth Public Schools says the app will make it easier for students to navigate the district’s libraries and other resources.

The district says it is using Google Maps as a “last-mile resource” for students in remote areas.

It says it will allow students to browse the district website, get directions, and search the district online.

“With Google Maps in your hands, you can quickly and easily access the resources you need to navigate to school, like books, maps, supplies, and more,” said district spokeswoman Amanda Kowalski.

The Google Maps application will be available from the Google Play Store for $4.99.

The app is a collaboration between the district and Google, and Google will be using the app to deliver a “series of educational content that are all designed to be accessible by all students, regardless of where they are,” Kowieski said.

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