How to be a school principal in Tasmania’s East High School district

With the state’s high school graduation rate at just 64 per cent, the district is well placed to keep kids educated.

“We have a very high percentage of our students achieving their primary and secondary qualifications,” East High principal Michael O’Hara said.

He said the district was keen to keep young people connected to the community, and that the success of its students would come from having a well-structured learning environment.

Mr O’Heaar said his students could choose from a wide range of subjects, and some of the more challenging subjects, such as science and maths, were offered by teachers who were part of a local university.

In contrast, other high schools in the district have focused on subjects that focus more on the arts and culture.

‘High school dropouts’ Mr O’Sheaar’s primary school is also home to a large number of students who have dropped out of high school to study more, he said.

He said this had led to an overall drop in enrolment.

However, Mr O’mara said his school was working hard to keep students connected to their local community.

Students from the district can now use the school’s website to find their preferred school and sign up for an online schedule.

While the primary school has been working hard on keeping the students connected, the secondary school is doing a better job, he added.

It is also teaching more students, he explained.

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