How to get rid of your old school cast member from your school

If you’re like many people, you’ve been living in the moment all week.

That’s because the casting call for your old cast member is now closed.

It was a shocker.

It came as a complete surprise to many of us when we saw the announcement last week.

But the truth is, the cast members who signed up for the casting came to us with no idea what was going to happen.

But now that we know, here’s what we did.


Get a copy of the casting breakdown.

The casting breakdown of the old cast members, which included some old school kids, is still available.

You can find it in the article below.


Sign up to receive casting news and updates from your favorite shows.

You may need to go through an email or a phone call to get your email.


Send an email to your favorite cast member or your favorite school.

The cast member will be happy to hear from you.

You’ll need to provide a phone number, email address, and mailing address.


You’re done!

All the old casting call information is available in this handy spreadsheet.

If you have questions about the casting, just ask.

You never know what’s going to come up!

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