Ivanka Trump’s brand name for Ivanka Trump high school: Beauty school

Ivanka Trump is going to run an all-girls school in Washington, DC, in an effort to capitalize on her mother’s brand. 

The school, called Ivanka Trump Beauty Academy, will enroll around 200 students this fall. 

Ivanka Trump will teach the school’s first class of 2018.

The school will be open to all girls, but the school is a “women-inclusive” school, according to its website. 

A spokesman for the Trump Organization said the school would be open for enrollment. 

“It’s really a great opportunity for girls and women to learn about how we make our products and how we help empower them to become entrepreneurs, to be leaders in their own communities and ultimately be able to build a strong and rewarding career,” Trump spokesman Jesse Kujawa said. 

Schools have become more inclusive in recent years as the number of girls entering the workforce has risen. 

In 2017, more than 80% of girls who went to elementary school in the United States were female, according the Guttmacher Institute, a research organization. 

At the time, Trump’s daughter was one of the first female leaders of a major U.S. brand.

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