Charlotte Mecklenberg Schools’ middle school’s mascot to be suspended over ‘racial slurs’

A middle school in Charlotte, North Carolina, will be replacing its mascot with a mascot that is more in line with the Charlotte-Mecklenburys school district.

Charlotte Mecklinburg Schools will replace its mascot, named “Million Dollar Millionaire,” with a new one that is in line on race relations and the “real meaning of Americanism,” school district spokesperson Jennifer Jones told News 3.

The Mecklins, who own a company called K-Mart, made the announcement on Monday after the school board approved a plan to remove the Mecklers’ mascot.

The new mascot will have the “Meckler family’s original, African American face on his chest and the Meeklin family’s famous “Mile High” crest on his shirt, Jones said.

The new mascot has also been given a “Milo the Barbarian” haircut.”

It is about the way we celebrate, the way our schools are built and the culture we live in.””

It is not about race.

It is about the way we celebrate, the way our schools are built and the culture we live in.”

The Meckerlins announced last month that they were moving their headquarters to Charlotte, after being in Raleigh, North Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham for the past 10 years.

The move came after the Meckerlings announced they would move to Charlotte from Raleigh in 2021.

The Charlotte Meckerlers have faced criticism for the mascot, which was created by a group of black artists and has become a mascot for various social justice issues, including racial inequality and police brutality.

A new Meckler mascot has been approved. — News 3 (@News3NC) March 10, 2021The Charlotte-mecklenberys school board voted unanimously to remove its mascot from the school grounds in 2019, but the Meekerlins have since maintained their position on the mascot.

Mecklinville Public Schools announced in September that they would replace the Meinkler mascot with an African American, while the Mekelsons said the mascot would be removed in 2021, after the current mascot retired.

“The Mekeler family has made this decision as a result of our own personal experiences, the many lessons learned, and our deep commitment to building inclusive, diverse schools for students of all backgrounds,” the Meakerls said in the announcement.

“We want this decision to be as clear and clear as possible, and as important to the Mekler family as it is to our students.”

The decision to move the mascot was made after the board voted to remove a “mascot” from a Meckling playground in September.

The board decided to remove that “mall cat” from the playground in January, after several parents said they felt that the mascot had been “blackballed.”

The school board, however, has since said that the Meakers had not blackballed their mascot.

The Mecklynns have said that they “would never remove our mascot,” and have said they are not interested in removing the mascot in the future.

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