How to be a great mom in the ’90s

Posted November 15, 2018 11:05:00 A lot of people will tell you that being a great parent isn’t easy, and that it’s important to be supportive and to be able to give and to learn.

So here’s what to look for in your kids and how to raise them.


Be kind to them.

Parents are a huge part of raising children and this is one of the biggest challenges they face.

We want our kids to feel safe and secure and to feel loved and appreciated and safe and supported, but this doesn’t mean we have to be mean.

Let’s start with being kind to our kids.

They’re not perfect.

They might not be perfect, but they’re also imperfect.

Don’t expect them to do everything right all the time, just because they’re born.

Instead, make sure you are listening and giving them support and understanding.

We all make mistakes.

We can learn from them.

We have to learn from each other, too.


Be helpful.

We love to talk to our children about our lives, our futures, and where we are in life.

But we don’t always have time to listen.

Don’ t be afraid to ask questions, or to ask about your child’s health, or your own life.

We need to be kind to each other and understand that this is an important part of our relationship.


Be generous.

There are so many things that make a parent’s life better.

You can support a parent to find the best things to do and the most fun things to be doing, to get a new hobby or get a job.

But sometimes, you just need to give back.

Don t be ashamed to be generous with your time, and give to your kids the things they need most to make their life better: food, clothes, books, and other necessities.


Be honest.

Don ot expect a perfect relationship.

Sometimes we make mistakes, and we can learn.

But when we are honest and open about what’s happening, we can help each other move forward.


Be willing to make compromises.

Sometimes it can be hard to let go of a dream and the goal of raising a family.

But in a world full of challenges, it’s easy to get discouraged and not make the big changes that will make our lives better.

Thats OK.

You will always be a good mom and you will always have the best in your life.

When you feel like youre not reaching your full potential, don’t give up.

Keep going.


Be flexible.

There’s no right or wrong time to get married.

Just be flexible.

You don’t have to go out and get married in the first place.

If youre having a hard time making the time to spend with your family, talk to them about ways they can make more time together.

You also don’t want to make your kids feel like they are the only ones who can be a mom, so ask them how they can do it.

Don ‘t worry about how you feel about your children and your marriage, just do it and youll be happy you did.

Posted November 15 and updated November 16, 2018 12:17:00

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