Why you shouldn’t let your kids play on school property

I was recently asked by my son about his thoughts on playing with his friends and whether he’d ever want to play on a school property.

“My parents don’t let us go out to the park.

They don’t want us to go outside,” he said.

As a schoolteacher, I don’t have to worry about being seen with my students and I don�t have to be concerned about what they�re going to do with their toys.

I don`t have any issue with a child being on a playground.

I have no problem with them playing there.

What is important to me is the children and the families get to play.

If the parents have a problem with the toys being taken, that is up to them to deal with it.

But I do not want my kids to get to a place where they�ll be on their own.

“Schools across the nation are facing increased scrutiny in the wake of a rash of bullying incidents, including the death of a 13-year-old girl at an Illinois high school.

At one point, the nation was in shock after a video of a young girl being beaten and dragged by other students went viral.

But now that the national spotlight is focused on the issue, school districts are grappling with how to best protect their students.

School districts are facing heightened scrutiny in a rash that has prompted a backlash in some communities.

Here are the most prominent examples: At the University of Minnesota, the school board is weighing whether to ban the use of the football team�s field hockey equipment to create a safe playing area.

In March, a 14-year old girl at the University and Lamar High School in Los Angeles died after being pinned to the ground by another student, police said. 

Schools are also considering a measure to restrict students from playing on playgrounds during school hours.

The San Francisco Unified School District has proposed a ban on playing on public or private property.

And in May, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that a school board can deny a student entrance if she�s being disruptive, which is considered an invasion of privacy.

While some school districts and their teachers are calling for greater protections, some parents are calling on them to take a more proactive approach.

For some parents, a ban may be a last resort, since they worry that their kids will be bullied by classmates.

‘I have no issue with children playing there’ says Scott Stump, a parent and teacher in Dallas, Texas, who says his son has been playing with friends at his school for four years.

He said he is not sure what he can do to protect his son.

“I have zero issues with a kid being on the playground.

My son is a great kid and I�m proud of him,� he said, adding that he hopes the public can come together to educate school administrators.

Stump added that he supports public school parents, but that the state needs to take its own safety measures into account. �I don�s like to have to pick sides, but I have to respect that some of the teachers are trying to do what is right for the children,� said Stump.

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