‘We’re going to do the best we can’: Cabarrus County Schools board discusses how to handle a massive influx of new students, with a focus on retention

CABARRUS COUNTY, N.C. — The CABARS are set to be overwhelmed by an unprecedented influx of students in the coming weeks and months.

The largest school district in the state is scrambling to manage the growing number of new arrivals and the district has been on a high-risk wait-list for new students for years.

In the past year, more than 2,000 new students have arrived at Cabarruses schools, including nearly 300 in the past few days.

School districts are bracing for a new influx of more than 4,000 students.

For the first time, the school district is considering how to prepare its staff for the new arrival wave.

CABARS superintendent, Dan Kocher, said some staff members have already been offered positions that will allow them to continue to work at the district while they prepare for the increased workload.

“We’re taking this seriously and we’re going forward with some options that we are working on right now,” Kocger said.

“The plan is to have them on the road.”

Students and parents have been waiting for a long time for this.

The district was supposed to begin processing new students in 2019, but it is now expected to begin accepting new students this year.

The first batch of students arriving in Cabarrces classrooms this week was initially expected to be students who were accepted in 2019.

The school district had anticipated about 10,000 to 15,000 additional students, but that number is expected to rise to about 20,000 or 30,000, said Mark Tatum, the district’s superintendent.

We’re already seeing the impact of the school-to-school system.

That’s why it’s really critical that we have the capacity to handle that,” Tatum said.

When the school system has high-needs students, they often move into classrooms that are overcrowded and overcrowded classrooms are often the most difficult for students to navigate.

For instance, in the Cabarras High School of Technology, some students were told to move into the auditorium and that is a big problem for the students, said Tatum.

Kocher said there is a plan in place to ensure that teachers are equipped with the right equipment to handle the new arrivals.”

The staff that we’re looking at are very professional, they have a lot of training, they know how to do certain things,” Kucher said.

Cabarras school district Superintendent, Dan Tatum is seen on the steps of the county courthouse in Charlotte, N,U., July 29, 2018.

Kocer said that the district is preparing to offer more positions in areas such as technology, technology management, and special education.”

I think it’s going to be important for our students to be prepared to deal with the new students and the new teachers,” Koger said.

The district has about 400 full-time teachers and another 200 part-time, he said.

In 2018, the total number of students was about 2,300.

All districts have some kind of safety plan in their system, but the district doesn’t have one yet.

Kocer stressed that safety measures will be in place and the school board will work closely with the school safety staff to determine the best plan.”

The district’s system will need to be upgraded, Kocers plans to increase the number of teachers, as well as the number that can be expected to work as a support staff. “

We have some safety measures in place that we need to have in place for this type of influx.”

The district’s system will need to be upgraded, Kocers plans to increase the number of teachers, as well as the number that can be expected to work as a support staff.

KOCER said he expects the number to increase from about 300 to 400, depending on how the district manages the influx.KOCER has not given a specific number for how many of the districts staff will be transferred to other districts.

He said it will be up to the district to decide how to manage that process.

Koch says it is hard to measure the impact that this influx has had on the district, but he said it is clear that there has been an impact.

He said he has been watching the numbers and has concerns that this is a ripple effect.

“There is a concern that these students may have an increased impact on the overall performance of the system,” Koch said.

“We can’t have the district operate in the way that it has been operating the last several years and that would not be good for the district.”

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