What to know about schools canceled during the wildfires in California

Schools in the state that were slated to reopen after the fires were closed due to the threat of the deadly blazes, but reopened again under a new plan.

A spokeswoman for the California Department of Education told CNN on Tuesday that the state’s schools remained open and that schools in some areas of Northern California remained closed as a result of the fires.

Schools in Northern California were reopened after the California State Board of Education ruled they were in “a critical and ongoing state of emergency.”

The schools in Northern Cali were in the midst of a “massive reopening” after a series of fires forced evacuations and shut down all public transportation in the area.

But schools in the southern region of the state reopened last week.

Some of the schools in northern California were still closed on Tuesday because of the blazes.

One school was closed and a couple of others had been ordered to re-open but were not allowed to reopen.

California Gov.

Jerry Brown said on Tuesday there were no plans to reopen schools in parts of Southern California and Northern California due to wildfire danger, although the governor said schools would reopen for students in those areas in the future.

The governor also said the governor will work with the California Association of School Boards and local officials to find a way to open schools.

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