When the Israelis started their attack on PA school in the West Bank, students went to school in PA’s official school in Nablus

A PA official told Ma’an on Tuesday that in the aftermath of the Israeli attacks on the school, PA teachers decided to relocate their students to the official school of the PA National Council for Education in Nabulus in the occupied West Bank.

“We told the students in the Nabluz National Council that the school has been destroyed and should not be used as a school, and they have agreed to move to the other school in their neighborhood,” Nablu National Council Member Mohammad al-Muhanna told Maan.

Al-Mahanna told The Jerusalem Report that the PA had received assurances from the Israeli Defense Forces that the Nabuli school would be used for the transfer of PA children to the Israeli school.

Al, the official added, added that he was in touch with the PA Secretary General’s office regarding the decision.

Al Mansour also noted that a meeting was held between the Palestinian Authority and Israeli Foreign Ministry in the presence of the Palestinian Chief of Staff, who told the Palestinian delegation that the Israeli government was aware of the decision to relocate the PA students.

However, the Palestinian sources also said that Israeli officials had assured them that no Israeli forces would be deployed in Naba.

Israeli media have reported that the Palestinian Education Ministry had asked the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs to intervene to protect the PA school from Israeli threats.

“The Palestinian Authority is taking measures to secure the school in order to ensure its protection,” the PA Education Ministry said in a statement released on Tuesday.

According to Al Mansur, the Israeli security forces did not inform the PA about the decision of the students to relocate to the Naba school.

“Israelis are aware that the students from the Nabuls are students from Bethlehem.

Therefore, they decided to move from Nablos to Naba, and their decision is a result of their threats,” he said.

Al Muhanna said that he would contact the Israeli Embassy in the Palestinian territories and ask for an explanation of the move.

“As the Palestinian side knows the Israeli decision to move the PA schools was not in accordance with the agreements that were reached in 1994,” he added.

The PA National Security Council and the Palestinian National Authority are expected to convene on Tuesday to discuss the situation at the Nabs school.

The Palestinian Authority also warned that it will take all necessary measures to protect its citizens and schools from Israeli attacks.

“This is a matter of grave concern and we call on the Israeli authorities to protect our citizens and our schools from the Zionist occupation,” a statement by the PA national security council said.

“It is not only a matter for us but also for the international community, because we cannot tolerate such attacks on our citizens, schools, and holy places.

We call on all our brothers, sisters, and friends to come together and join us in solidarity against the attacks and defend our holy places.”

Israeli military vehicles surround the school of Nabulis National Council in the Old City of Jerusalem, March 1, 2020.

The Nabs School is situated in the heart of Nablum, the most densely populated area of the West Jerusalem neighborhood, and is a school for girls.

The school is home to about 4,500 students and about 150 students live in private homes.

Israeli forces had earlier been shelling the school for nearly three days, according to witnesses and local sources.

In the latest attack, Israeli forces fired tear gas and live ammunition at the school’s gates and damaged two entrances, killing one student and injuring another, according the local media.

The Israeli military has since moved the students, including children aged between nine and 12, to the school.

On Friday, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said that the military had deployed “a battalion of reservists to the area to protect schools and holy sites in the area.”

“The soldiers were also deployed to the adjacent villages of al-Zaytoun and Qibya, to provide security in their areas,” the IDF said in an official statement.

The IDF said it had been notified of the latest attacks by the Palestinian Red Crescent.

“While the IDF does not comment on the activities of its personnel, we do express our condolences to the families of the dead and injured and the Israeli civilians and security forces who are also injured,” the statement said.

Israeli army spokesperson Brigadier-General Peter Lerner said in response to a question on Monday that the IDF would not intervene in the dispute between the PA and the Israelis.

“Our military presence is in a very limited situation, as we are responding to incidents and terrorist activity in the Golan Heights and in the Gaza Strip,” Lerner said.

The clashes at the PA-run Nabs schools are the latest incidents between Israel and the PA.

In 2014, Israel bombed and severely damaged a PA school, wounding two Palestinian children and killing five other people, including a child, in the town of Qabatiya, the PA’s second

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