How to keep your power and your sanity when school closers are looming

The school closer season is officially here.

And that means it’s time to look out for yourself.

Here are a few tips to make sure you’re prepared for the worst and keep your sanity during the school closestow.


Avoid the temptation to check your email.

It’s always a good idea to keep track of the school closures for your state and school district and avoid the temptation.

You’ll save yourself some time by doing it at home instead of checking your email, which could potentially distract you from your homework or other important tasks.


Don’t be surprised if the school closing isn’t as severe as you thought.

School closings are usually just a warning that the school is closing, not a full-blown lockdown.

Sometimes it may just be that the district has already shut down, but other times it may be due to a combination of factors like the weather.


Don of course, take advantage of the time to plan ahead.

It might be a little overwhelming at first, but you can still keep yourself occupied by using school closes as a reminder to make your plans for the upcoming week.


Plan for the best-case scenario: A large number of students are affected and you have to get them to school.

This is especially important if the district is closed during the holiday period.

You can use school closies as a great way to give them some space and keep them busy.


If you’re already planning for the shutdown, it’s a good time to prepare for the most likely scenarios.

For example, if the lockdown happens during the Christmas period, it may make sense to use the school as a classroom or use a temporary library or other school-related space to organize.

Remember, it could also be that some school closures might occur during the holidays, so don’t be afraid to look for the option that suits you best.

If the situation doesn’t turn out as you had hoped, you’ll need to be more cautious about what you do during the shutdown and in the future.

You might have to pay a price for the decisions you make during the closure, but those are just the costs of the decision.

Stay safe at home with this school closing checklist.

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