“Carmel High School, the New York School of Comedy”

A new book about a New York high school and a comedy school that opened in 2013 has been canceled, after it was discovered the school would not meet the school’s high school equivalency requirements.

The New York City School of the Arts, a public school with nearly 100 students in grades 8-12, is one of a handful of charter schools operating in the New City.

The other charter schools in New York are the New School for Girls and the New Center School, which operate in Manhattan.

The school was founded in 2012 and opened in May 2014 with more than 50 students.

At the time, the school said it was working to meet its high school standard, which required students to be at least 12 years old.

But the high school has since been suspended from the charter system after a complaint filed by a parent, which the school later said had been filed in error.

According to a press release from the school, the suspension was because of the school “unable to maintain the equivalency” with the school where it has previously been, which was in the city’s East Harlem neighborhood.

The suspension came just two days after New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, Jr. and the City Council voted to allow more charter schools to operate in the state, and to allow the schools to apply for federal funds.

The city’s charter schools have been criticized for failing to meet the high-quality standards of their larger city counterparts.

Some charter schools say they provide better instruction, but others say the quality of instruction varies depending on the school and how the students are assigned.

New York City Charter Schools spokesperson Kristina Ponce told the New Yorker that the school has been “continuously working with the New Schools Commission to address concerns about quality.”

“The New Schools Commissions Office is committed to ensuring that every New York Charter School meets its high-standard standards of education and to making sure that New York schools continue to be able to offer opportunities to the New Yorkers of New York,” Ponce said.

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