How to Get Ready for the New Year at Doreborn Public Schools

With the holidays in full swing, schools across the city are reopening.

The Dorebur Springs Public Schools in New Jersey are back open and open to the public.

Principal Scott H. Gaddis said it’s a wonderful time to be a teacher and that the school community is working together to create a new and exciting future.

He said that Dorebborn is home to more than 5,000 students and is one of the few public schools in the state that is also open to students with special needs.

Gaddis explained that the students in the school will be able to enjoy a special year at home, but that there will be no disruption to school activities.

He encouraged students to stay out of trouble during the holidays, but urged parents to not rush into making plans for their children.

The school is accepting applications for the new position of assistant principal, a new role that requires applicants to have at least a high school diploma.

The city is also working to hire a new superintendent for the city’s public schools.

Doreborn Mayor David E. Jones said he expects the new school to be open and welcoming for students and staff during the new year.

Jones said the school district is still waiting for the results of a study that looked at how long it would take for the school to close and what impact that would have on its residents.

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