How to stop bullying and improve student wellbeing

A school principal is encouraging parents to start a petition to force the government to fund a school that was once the centre of a bullying scandal.

Key points:Key pointsKENT School principal Andrew Nalder wants parents to join his campaign to force government to provide funding for the schoolThe school is one of two in Queensland that has been named as the worst in Australia for bullyingThe principal said it was time for changeAfter a year of investigation, the ABC revealed a group of teachers and administrators from the school were being paid by the school principal to help manage a bullying problem.

Key point:The principal wants parents and teachers to join a campaign to stop the bullying of students in the school.

The school has been labelled the worst school in Australia.

The head teacher was also being paid $5,000 per week to help with bullying.

“I think we should be doing more to help the school, because we’re the worst,” Mr Nalders said.

“So if the parents are in favour of that, we’ll have to work with the government.”

The head of the Queensland Teachers Federation (QFT) is urging parents to sign the petition to push the government for a more inclusive and effective education system.

Mr Nalds principal has faced a barrage of criticism over the school’s handling of bullying.

Mr Denton said the school was “a disgrace” and “the worst of the worst”.

“I’ve never seen bullying like this,” he said.

He said the head teacher, the principal, the administrator and the other teachers who helped to manage the bullying problem were being “paid to do it”.

“We’ve got to start paying them,” Mr Denton told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“There’s no way we’re going to pay them for it.”

Mr Nals said the teacher who was paid was no longer working at the school and was on leave.

“The teacher was a fantastic and wonderful person and a good teacher,” he told ABC radio Brisbane.

He also said the parents were right to push for the government’s money.

“It’s time to put our foot down and say enough is enough.

We’ve got a school and it’s a disgrace.

We have to get out of this business,” Mr Balsom said.

Mr Balsoms support for the petition has come under scrutiny.

“My mother, she said she was in tears when she saw the news and she said, ‘I don’t think this is the school for me’,” he said, adding the petition had been signed by more than 700 people.

“They’re saying this school is the worst of all time, it’s the worst that I’ve seen, the worst I’ve been to, so I think it’s time for people to speak out and say we need to do something about it.”

The QFT has also come under fire for supporting the head of an organisation that is accused of promoting the idea that bullying was okay.

The Queensland Teachers Union (QTVU) is accused by some of being an organisation which promotes the idea of “counselling” to young people.

Mr Vickers said the union was not anti-bullying and was not “anti-bullied”.

“There is a lot of support for QTVU on social media, and the QTVS Facebook page,” he explained.

“We support them as a school for their role in making a difference in students’ lives.”

That’s what they’re there for.

It’s not about bashing anyone, that’s not their goal.

“The school board was named as one of the five worst in the nation for bullying in May.

The QTD has since been renamed as a vocational school and is still on probation following a series of scandals, including the school bullying scandal in April.

The ABC has contacted the QTD’s board for a response.


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